Our Mission

Our mission is to handcraft small batches of single origin chocolate and artisan confections that exemplify Areté. We place quality over quantity, value over cost, authenticity over imitation and ornament. 

Areté [ah-reh-'tay]

1. Excellence, virtue
2. Life as a journey
3. Striving to live up to one's fullest potential
4. Reaching for the stars in all that you do

Areté is a commitment to and a philosophy of excellence and of striving to live up to one's fullest potential. It is a commitment to responsible, active stewardship, and to our our fellow human beings and this planet that sustains us.

We see Areté Fine Chocolate as our way of being able to give something back to the world - a way of paying forward some of the kindness, generosity, understanding and friendship that others have bestowed on us as we've made (and continue to make) our way along this journey of life. We're at about the half-way point, give or take, of our journey. We'd like to dedicate the second half of it making the world a better place in whatever small (or large) way we can using the art of hand-crafted chocolate as our canvas. We'll do that in many different ways - from paying the farmers we work with a premium (often substantial) for their fine flavor cacao, to supporting education and the environment both locally and globally, and to providing you, our valued customers, with what we hope will be a chocolate experience so wonderful that you'll want to come back time and again and to share with everyone you know.