Of Arete and Areté

The word Arete comes to us from ancient Greece, and in its simplest definition means excellence. But it is much more than that. Arete also embodies the ideals of virtue, of continuous learning and improvement, of realizing your fullest potential, and of celebrating the journey rather than the destination. It is about aspiring to unattainable perfection, striving for excellence, and honoring humility.

Arete captures almost perfectly our philosophy and approach to crafting chocolate. We start with fine flavor cacao – some of the best available in the world. We run any number of small test batches to get to know the personality and character of each origin. Once we have a feel for how to bring out the best that a particular bean has to offer, we hand craft our chocolate in very small batches that take a week or longer to go from the bean to a finished bar. From there it has to pass our quality requirements for flavor, aroma, mouthfeel, snap, and appearance. Only then does it get put into the Areté package that carries both of our signatures – our commitment to you that the bar of chocolate inside meets our standards for excellence and Arete.

David and Leslie Senk

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