A New Logo

We got some good feedback on our package design this week from a couple of people we respect a great deal. Our logo, in particular, left them puzzled it wasn’t clear how it tied-in to the rest of the Arete story. Fair point, and point well taken. Since that meeting we did some serious thinking, came up with a much more coherent approach, and are on a path to have a new logo done for us by an artist/illustrator whose work we greatly admire. Our name sometimes takes some explanation, and this new logo, combined with some new package text, will help to tie it all together. There was something missing before for us in our packaging, and for the first time now, it all seems to fit.

We met with our contractor at our space earlier this week and went through what we need done (add one wall, add one door, prep and coat the floor, paint, add a drop-ceiling with lights/electrical). We should get the quotation later this week, and providing it comes in at a reasonable number well start the improvements immediately. This is the gating factor for us right now in being able to order equipment, scheduling our inspections, and ultimately, to opening the doors.

Once we get a solid timeline on completion of the improvements, well order our oven (Moffat Turbofan with steam), a couple more melangeurs, the temperer (FBM Aura), and start installing the smaller items that we already have. We cant wait to have the place done enough that we can start running test batches, and wringing the processes out in anticipation of getting the green light for go-live.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Chocolate friends,

David and Leslie