Contractor Bids & Sugar Particles

We got the bid from the contractor last week. We were expecting something in the range of $8-10k based on earlier conversations. Nope. $20k. We were prepared for a little bit of upside, but not quite that much. Were going to break the project up into two phases now sealing/painting the floors, painting the walls, sinks/plumbing, one new door on this go-around. Were going to re-evaluate the need for a wall (with a door) that we wanted built, and for the drop ceiling in the kitchen area. That will take this first phase down to about $7k which is more manageable at the moment. It sounds like our contractor will be able to get started week after next, and would like to finish it up before the holidays. Music to our ears.

On the chocolate front we’ve made some nice progress on our particle size courtesy of the micrometer and the microscope. Sugar seems to be the bigger issue for us -- the particle size of the sugar is consistently bigger than that of the cocoa solids. Even though we run the sugar in the food processor to reduce the particle size, it's still bigger than we would like. Were starting with regular granulated sugar right now, but were going to switch to bakers sugar (smaller particle size out of the bag) on our next few batches and see how that works. Any thoughts??