Gramma & Grampa Chocolate

The twins apparently read the script and showed up the day after Leslie landed in TN. One boy, one girl, both happy and healthy. Since were down to one part-timer (me) while our full-timer (Leslie) is in TN, progress was a little slower this week although not completely absent. Things will pick up again week after next once gramma bootcamp concludes. ; )

We spoke to our contractor briefly about the leasehold improvements (there wont be any real activity there until we get the floor plan worked out so he knows where we want the walls, sinks, electrical, etc.). We also got back in touch with the designer who we’ve been working with on our packaging and bar designs. Were going back and forth on a couple of different approaches one is a bit fancier (and hence, more expensive) and the other is a still-very-nice envelop-style package that would be less expensive and more environmentally appropriate. The latter option is our current leaning.

We're also starting to explore web design options. We’ve gotten several good referrals (some from this forum). Our plan is to have internet sales be one of our primary outlets during the first two years. The website will be the proverbial first impression for most of future customers, so we cant afford to underwhelm.

A couple of interesting side-notes on our leased space: about four bays down from ours is a long-time tenant that used to have a (traditional) printing business, but that business has all but died due to the advent of the internet, DIY, big-box competition, etc. While still nominally a printer, what’s really inside their two bays is wall-to-wall restaurant equipment (refrigerators, freezers, ovens, proofers, Hobarts, wine coolers, you name it) that they are liquidating for one of the owners (now-retired) parents. I already have by name on a low boy, and may also jump on a small Hobart (for future use). Interesting, and odd bit of good luck. The next bit of good fortune is that our newest soon-to-be neighbor is apparently opening up a machine shop in the bay right next to ours. The guy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be my new best friend! I hope he likes chocolate A LOT!!!

Grampa Dave and Gramma Leslie (aka Gramma and Grampa Chocolate)