Happy Holidays to One and All

Things are continuing to move along nicely this week -- the contractor is almost done painting the walls -- the place looks completely different now -- really nice. Next up is epoxy painting the floor in what will be the 'clean' side of the operation (post-winnowing processes). Our stainless sink, fixtures, grease trap and two work tables came in today. We'll get these put together and installed after the floor is done. Lots of work still to do -- new ceiling tiles in a couple of small rooms, some electrical, water heater -- the list goes on. We're hoping to be through this first (and biggest) part of the improvements by mid January. After that we'll order our oven and a couple of other small pieces of equipment. If all goes well we'll send in our PFR and schedule our health department inspection by the end of January. It's getting exciting!

Happy holidays to one and all,

David and Leslie