Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything

A week goes by really fast sometimes the needle didn’t move as much as we planned. Its not so much a case of two steps forward, one step back as it is of taking two steps up a steep pile of sand. We didn’t get the lease signed this week like we were hoping to in our optimistic scenario (some final back and forth on terms, details), but we are hoping to get the final wet copies early this coming week to sign. Keys the following week? Well need to lock down the liability insurance by then (more shopping this week to see if we can find a lower cost policy than the first one we were quoted), get the electricity turned on, start checking on internet service, learn about security systems, etc. After two-plus months of lawyers and lease negotiations, were looking forward to this next part.

This afternoon we got a crash course in QuickBooks and our CPA set it all up for us. Accounting isnt an area of expertise (or particular passion) for either of us, but definitely something were going to have to master regardless.

We spent quite a bit of time this week refining our vision and mission statements, and working on our business plan generally. We embrace Eisenhower’s idea that plans are nothing, planning is everything, we have no illusions that things will play out even remotely close to what we spell out in our plan, but what we learn in the course of our planning is invaluable, and updating our plan dynamically is a cornerstone of our plan.

High on the agenda for this coming week (in addition to getting the lease and insurance nailed down), were expecting to get our second formal evaluation results back hope to be able to share how that turned out next week...