The "Real" First Order

We're officially on our way now -- the journey has entered a new and exciting phase. Sunita at The Chocolate Garage in Palo Alto, CA hosted "Meet the Maker" night earlier this month that was also our official launch. The Chocolate Garage is now carrying our 70% and 75% Brazil Fazenda Camboa Bars, as well as our labor-of-love gianduia spread (made, as any fine gianduia should be, with TGL hazelnuts imported from the Piedmont region of Italy). If you've never been to The Chocolate Garage and you find yourself anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area you owe it to yourself to stop by and check it out.

We're working very hard behind the scenes on upgrading our website. Over the next couple of months you should see some pretty significant changes, among which will be considerably more elegant web store than the manual system using PayPal (or even snail mail and old fashioned paper checks) we're working with right now on our "Our Bars" page. The new web store will be set up to handle orders via PayPal or credit card.

Which leads us to "Our Bars". The bars we're currently offering are four ‘from the bean’ dark chocolate single-origin bars – Brazil Fazenda Camboa (70% dark roast and 75% medium roast), Peru Nacional 68% (the chocolate and beans that originally got us started in this unlikely and wonderful adventure), and Ecuador Puerto Quito 70%. We make these bars by hand starting from unroasted cocoa beans in our small craft chocolate workshop in Milpitas, CA.

In addition to these four bars that we make ourselves, we're also offering two dark chocolate bars that we mold from Marañon Chocolate's Fortunato No. 4. (also Peru Nacional, and also part of the above-mentioned reference to how we got started down this path) -- the first is a straight 68% dark chocolate bar, and the second is the same bar but with roasted nibs from the same origin sprinkled on the back of the bar. You can read more on the Fortunato No. 4 back-story here.

Thank you most sincerely for stopping by and for being patient with us while we continue to (slowly) build our website. We hope you’ll come back from time to time and continue to share in this wonderful fine chocolate journey with us…

David and Leslie