The Next Big Milestone

We met with our attorney Friday afternoon to go through the final version of the lease, and as long as we don’t find any surprises in our own final review of the docs this weekend, and as long as our insurance agent comes through with the certificate by Monday morning, well be signing and getting the keys to 1850 square feet of future chocolate making mid-day Monday.

And then the REAL work begins. We cant wait to get started! Job one is going to be generating a dimensioned floor plan that we can share with Clay so we can start planning the layout. At the same time well start sketching out the project plan and timeline prioritizing what has to happen and when so that we can get to the point of being able to schedule our health department inspections our next major milestone as quickly as possible. In the absence of anything better right now, were estimating 4-6 months well update that estimate in future posts as we start to fill in the plan details.

Many thanks to Thomas and Michael for their feedback on our insurance question we were able to get a policy from The Hartford through Wells Fargo for a little over $600 a year MUCH better than our original quote of almost $1500 a year. We opted to not get an umbrella (another million per incident in coverage) at this point well re-evaluate that once we get our permits and start selling that was another $300 a year that just didnt seem necessary at this point.

Two hearts are beating a little faster this weekend in our humble little abode here in San Jose!


David and Leslie