Well Laid Plans...

Ahhh, those well laid plans. You know how they sometimes go. Bandwidth has been pretty severely constrained this week due to travel for Leslie and an unusually busy two weeks (half way through it) for me with my day job.

We haven't heard back from the landlord yet on the lease, although the leasing agent "sounds hopeful that the open issues can be resolved in a manner that is mutually acceptable"...according to our attorney who spoke with her. She's cautiously optimistic. We're more in the hopeful camp at the moment (and that includes the hope that we'll hear something firm in the early part of this coming week). We also didn't get to the bank nor to dropping off the laptop with our accountant -- both remain on the list for this week or early next.

Our attorney is working on the paperwork for our trademark registrations. We're really anxious to get these granted (or not) so that we can move forward with our packaging and molds -- both of which are on hold at the moment as mentioned in our original post.

Hoping to have more to share next week,

David and Leslie