Happy New Year!

We've taken a couple of weeks off from writing due to the holidays, FCIA meeting, getting together with friends...life! We've also been making chocolate in our expansive 50 square foot interim factory (our home kitchen) and working on recipes. Needless to say we're ready to graduate to something a little more suitable (read as: bigger) for the task at hand.

The shopping is coming along and starting to look pretty nice. The floors are epoxy coated, the walls painted, the electrical will be done tomorrow. The sink was going to be installed this weekend, but that didn't work out due to a lack of legs -- apparently they didn't make it onto the truck with the rest of the order. We're going to order our oven tomorrow (3-week lead time) and hopefully find out when our sink might get its legs. Next up is building a bean cleaning / sorting table and a cooling tray, then setting up the winnower. We're going slow, but that was part of the plan from the beginning -- the main thing at this point is to get it right and work the kinks out before we start to ramp things up.

Next up is receiving our logo from the illustrator we're working with (the drafts look great) and starting work on our packaging. One step at a time...

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous 2014,

David and Leslie