Setting Up Shop

Our hearts are beating a little faster now every time we go over to the shop to work on one thing or another -- it's been a long road, but we're getting close enough to almost smell chocolate. This week we ran the power for the oven and turned it on for the first time -- still have to read the manual, but at least we know the lights go on and it makes some noise(!). The contractor is going to give us a quote for running a water line to it now so we can use the steam injection.

We ordered version 2 of our glass y-tube winnower last week -- should have it in hand by the beginning of April. In the meantime we're installing version 1 -- hoping to have it up and running this coming weekend. We'll post video shortly thereafter.

The next big project is the bean cleaning table -- we have the table base, but nee to order the top and install the mesh. We're still figuring out exactly how we're going to enclose the area under the mesh and run the exhaust, but those are fun little challenges to have to solve.

After that it's really just moving a couple more tables in, setting up the melanguer and the tempering machine, putting up some shelves and the like. A couple of details like shades for the windows, a good thorough cleaning, and then....turning it all on for the first time.

Hope to have some good news on the winnower next time we post...

David and Leslie