Trademarks and More

It seems like no matter how much time you plan for some things they end up taking even longer happily we have some flexibility on our timeline. We finally got (some) word back on our trademark application. It was approved with the exception of the word artisan because one of the major industrial chocolate companies uses it in the description of one of their lines of chocolate. What? Artisan? Now the they have 30 days to publish their findings and then there is a 30 day comment period. Net: 60 days until we can order our molds and packaging.

We're working on setting up our new winnower the first piece of equipment to go into the new shop (pretty exciting for us in and of itself after all this time). Once we get it up and running well post some pictures and video. Its a custom made glass Y-tube design that weve been using for about a month now and are very happy with. Were working with Clay to make the design and parts available to the DIYers who are interested after we post the videos.

We're going to set up tables then move our chocolate making equipment in over the next couple of weeks. The oven was delayed by the snow out east, but it should be in next week of the week after. If all goes to plan we should be able to start making our first test batches sometime in March. Wed love to be able to schedule our health department inspections for some time in April.

That's about it for these kids for this week hope to have more progress to report next week.

Our Best,

David and Leslie