Getting the Molds Right

Wow - where'd the time go? It's been a while (too long) since we last posted. It hasn't been for a lack of interesting things to share -- just a lack of time to do so. All of our permits are now in place -- last week we received our organic registration -- that was the last one we were waiting on.

Right now we're focused on packaging and molds. We've already approved the mechanicals for the packaging, and tomorrow (Monday) we should get the graphics (rev 2) for review. We're hoping to approve the final version this week or next.

We'll be sending out our new drawings for our molds this week. We're getting a hundred polycarbonate molds from Micelli. There is a 3D rendering approval to be done, followed by a prototype approval, then manufacturing the final molds. All told we're looking at about 12 weeks beginning to end. That is the last major gate before we can have our launch party.

Things will be anything but quiet between now and launch. We're going to be building up and ageing inventory of our launch bar (or bars -- still deciding on which ones are going to make the cut).

Off to the airport now to meet with a man about some beans... for real!

; )

David and Leslie