Keeping at it

If anyone ever suggests that you start a chocolate business-run!

Just kidding of course (but there are days). ;)

We've made some more good progress on a number of fronts in the last couple of weeks. We filed our PFR with the Department of Health (theres goes another cool almost $500) -- that has to be done before we can schedule our inspection, got our fire extinguisher (and properly mounted it), built a pretty basic but functional bean cooling table, installed shades in our units windows (it was too much like a fishbowl without them), started putting together our bean cleaning table, and replaced all of the wood parts of our Crankandstein with HDPE and mounted it to one of our work tables (photo below) what an improvement over trying to secure it over a five-gallon pail. What's amazing is how much time even the seemingly little tasks (like installing blinds) take -- you look up and two more weeks are gone.

This coming week were having a security system installed (yep, there's another $500+ up front plus $50/month for monitoring) and will be getting everything in order for the fire department inspection (that inspection and the health department inspection are the two gates we have to get through before the building inspector comes for the last inspection we need to 'go-live').

On the process equipment front, now that we have a serviceable winnower (there will still be a few more improvements on the next version, but this one is really getting the job done nicely), were starting to work on a system for removing the germ from our sieved nibs. Our neighbor in the next bay down runs a machine shop and is going to turn our first design into a prototype for us in the next week or two. Our goal is to come up with a reasonably low cost, efficient design that will help us recover some of the finer pieces of nibs that were currently discarding along with the germ. Does anyone else out there have a great way for separating the germ and nibs in the final sieve?

Keeping at it,

David and Leslie