It's been a long road, and there's a lot more in front of us (at least we certainly hope that's the case!), but we wanted to share that we reached an important milestone in our journey this last week -- our first sale! It was a very modest sale, and wasn't the craft dark chocolate that has figured so prominently in all of our well laid (but very flexible and negotiable) plans -- it was ciocolata calda -- our dark chocolate that we blend with a couple of other ingredients to make a mix for a sinfully good Italian interpretation of hot chocolate. Very, very happy for the order and the official start of business!

On the traditional dark chocolate bars side of things, our packaging arrived two weeks ago, and we're very pleased with it. We learned a couple of things that we'll adjust when we reorder, but on net it turned out great. We should get our final bar mold prototypes from Micelli this week, and following that the molds themselves around the end of October or beginning of November.

Our plans are still to ramp slowly in order to learn what we don't know and be able to make adjustments in a controlled manner without too much panic or drama. That's the plan anyway...

; )