We're Back!!!!!

Can you believe it? We can’t! After more than two years of renovation, restoration, and construction, and being shut down on chocolate making for over six months as we moved our factory and ourselves from California to Tennessee, we’re back to making chocolate in beautiful downtown Spencer, Tennessee!!!

Here are a couple of photos of our new home:

Bean Room Day 1.jpg

Our Bean Storage Room

Roasting Room Day 1.jpg

Our Roasting, Cracking, and Winnowing Room

Refining Room Day 1.jpg

Our Refining and Conching Room

Tempering and Molding Day 1.jpg

Our Tempering and Molding Room

Kitchen Day 1.jpg

Our Kitchen



New Origins and Evaluations    

In addition to having Viet Nam Tien Giang back in stock (with more coming!), and a new Madagascar and Uganda to evaluate, we also have a new Ghana (one of our favorite origins, but one that we’ve always struggled with because of bean quality) and a couple of new Colombia origins that we’re going to look at.


Closing Notes   

Yesterday was a very good day. Not only did we pass our final TDA inspection and get the green light to make chocolate again, but this huge Leonard Cohen fan learned that both a book AND an album are being released posthumously (the book arrived today!). You wouldn’t believe how much chocolate Leonard Cohen has helped make over the last couple of years – noise canceling headphones are essential wear when making craft chocolate, and Leonard is playing almost every single day. Thanks for all the help, Leonard!

It was fun getting back in the saddle again today. Everything is the same, and yet everything is different – it’s going to take a few days to get used to the new arrangement. We’re loving having heating and cooling and humidity control in every room, and having everything laid out just the way we want it, but the best part by far is our 16 step commute!!!!!
: )

It’s going to be a wild holiday season this year getting (re-)started this late – we’re probably looking at mid- to late-November to deliver new orders, so let us know what’s on your holiday wish list as soon as possible. We’ll be working seven-day weeks between now and the end of December to get caught back up and get everything out on time – and we couldn’t be happier!!!


Our Warmest Regards from Spencer, Tennessee,
David and Leslie