Oh Boy, Moving is Fun........NOT!!!!

This is definitely the biggest and craziest and scariest thing these two kids have ever done --  moving ourselves, our home, and our factory across the country. To add to the sense of adventure, the work on both the factory and the second level where we'll live are still works in progress and will be for some time after we arrive. This Thursday we load the factory onto the moving truck and on Friday we load our apartment. And as soon as the moving truck pulls away we'll hop in our cars, and head east. Five days later we'll pull up to the place we hope to call home for a very, very long time.
: )

The shelves in the Areté store are completely bare now. As soon as we get the factory set back up and permitted in Tennessee we'll start to fill them up again as fast as we can. It may be a little bit ambitious, but we're shooting for having the factory running again by the end of June. Stay tuned.

We'll post again as soon as we get there with lots of pictures of the factory and an update on the timeline for for getting back to chocolate making.

David and Leslie