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Over the holidays we added an 'Our Bars' page to our (very "minimalist") website ( We're all the way up to two pages on it now! 
; )

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.05.04 AM.png

We don't have a shopping cart yet, but we are taking orders (and in fact, have taken TWO already!) directly through PayPal. We've started out with three of our own bars (Brazil Fazenda Camboa 70%, Peru Nacional 68%, and Ecuador Puerto Quito 70%) and two re-mold bars we make from Marañon Chocolate's Fortunato No. 4 (one with nibs, one without). 

We intentionally made this a soft launch (no social media or other marketing) in part to make sure all of the pieces are there and we can actually fill and ship and order, and in part to avoid getting more orders than we can handle just yet. We're still definitely a 'micro-batch' maker -- if not a 'nano-batch' maker. We're waiting on some new parts for our production grinder, and at some point we'll have to increase our tempering and molding capacity. Once we get those two processes taken care of we'll be in much better shape to handle more and bigger orders, and we can start to figure out the best way to get our message out...

Congrats to Clay on getting the new site up and running -- still learning my way around, but really impressed with it!